How It Works?

Simply put, we’re here to connect you to the right people that will take your project to the next level. Our memberships are available to both freelancers and employers, and we connect the dots in a few simple steps:

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Step 1

Post your project and let our algorithm do the data crunching. Get specific with your budget and timeline and we’ll make sure to present the highest rated freelancers that come with their reviews and experience so that you can be the judge.

Step 2

Choose your freelancer or allow them to bid on the project. Found the right one? Lock in your choice and get the ball rolling. Premium Account user? One of our in-house project managers will keep things running smoothly. We make sure your privacy is protected throughout the entire experience.

Choose your freelancer

Step 3

All done? Payments will be released within a maximum of 72 hours when we’re sure you’ve received the highest quality work on time. Rate your experience with each other and keep building our community!

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Let’s get this show on the road. All you need is a short description where you upload the information needed to guide your freelancer and we’ll match you to the best fit. You can remain anonymous and use our on-site chat service so that everything has one home here on ProfiTree. Your communication remains protected and your landing page is your digital portfolio and so will be your one-stop shop for both freelancer and project host.


Explore our membership options that keep the right talent flowing in. We can make sure that you are exposed to the highest-rated freelancers from across the world.

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Let’s set up a profile, choose projects, and get those ratings climbing higher and higher. We’ll make sure to connect you to the right projects that build your freelance career, whether you’re a graphic designer or videographer, data analyst or copywriter.

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