How to Find the Perfect Clients as a Freelancer

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Now that you have decided to become a freelancer, you might be wondering how to find the right clients for you. Building a relationship with the perfect clients is one of the most essential things to ensure a constant income and a steady career growth. In this article, we will look at five different things you can do to find, attract and maintain relationships with new clients time and time again.


Lay your online presence by building your profile on suitable work platforms like LinkedIn. This website brings you access to connections worldwide. Clients search for freelance web developers/designers, copywriters and graphic designers by going through the top profiles on LinkedIn. It is very important for you to optimize your profile to be able to be seen by others. You should also make sure that when someone visits your account, they would know exactly what you do and how you can service them. Pay attention to the ‘experience’ section on your profile and make sure to fill it out with precise detail to attract future clients to you. Submitting a portfolio and familiarizing people to your work is also a beneficial plus.

Social Media

Promoting your services on your social media platforms is obviously very important. In addition to that, it’s essential for you to interact with people online and share posts to keep traffic on your website or blog. Make use of groups on Facebook by joining some designed for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Engage with everyone in these groups and make a name for yourself to be at the top of their minds when they have freelance projects available. People are more likely to hire freelancers they already know.

Cold Pitching

A cold pitch is an email or message you send to potential clients, businesses and bloggers which contains the different ways your services might benefit their work. Since it is not always best to message them out of the blue, networking with them beforehand and getting to know where their platforms might be lacking will give you an upper hand when submitting a pitch. For example, if you are a freelance web designer and you notice an issue in a website, try to find the owners on social media and network with them before you pitch your ideas to them. Make sure to create a personal, creative and attractive pitch that includes how you know them and why you think you would be of any help for them.

Freelance Marketplaces
Similar to job boards, there are multiple different best freelance websites online designated to freelancers. These marketplaces, like Profitree, are created to provide you with various job postings you could connect with, in addition to keeping a safe space for payments and networking. These platforms help you build up your portfolio and make new connections with recurrent clients. Surf the endless lists of potential clients, pick the best ones for you and pitch your ideas to them in a simple click of a button.

Now that we have narrowed down all the best places you could visit and things you should do to create new connections and find your perfect clients, get out there and grow your online freelancing career today.