Freelancer or employer, PROFITREE takes your situation into consideration. Our cancellation policy encompasses a variety of situations.

If after having posted a project on PROFITREE, the Employer would like to cancel this project, they can do so provided that they have not yet hired a Freelancer or are still in the first stage of the contract.

Otherwise, the Employer has the right to terminate the project in stages two and three, but not without paying the Freelancer for the stages already completed, where the Employer accepted the partial deliverable and agreed to move forward.

Similarly, the Freelancer has the option to cancel their bidding on a project. They can also terminate the contract at any point in the three stages, financial compensation applying only to the completed stages.  

Our Customer Support is available for further inquiry into the Cancellation Policy. For more information on the terms governing Employer and Freelancer relationship, check Terms and Conditions.