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When it comes to freelancing online, people claim that skills are the most important asset employers look at. Clients might hire freelancers because of their skillset but attitude plays an essential role in the connections you make with people. While skills might get you hired, your attitude is what makes employers want to keep you around for a longer time. Preserving your freelancing career relies greatly on the way you handle yourself and your connections. This article includes five secrets you need to provide the right attitude for your clients.


When talking to clients, focusing on the attention and interest you provide them with is significant throughout your freelance work. Ask them questions, get to know them and offer them a listening ear for whatever they might need to enquire or talk about. Enrich your people skills and be interested in others to make clients fall in love with your attitude and want you around for a longer time for any other freelance project they might have.

Strategical Thinking

When starting out your freelancing career, you will find yourself accepting jobs just for easy money and simple portfolio building. This is very harmful for any freelancer since focusing mainly on the budget will get you nowhere in the business. It is important to know when to say no and think strategically of where your skills and passion would fit in best.

Problem Solving

Clients always look for a person who can solve their problems. When pitching your ideas to a client, it is essential for you to focus on the different problem solving skills you can provide them with. Immerse yourself in your employers’ concerns and obstacles and try your best to always offer them a problem solving attitude to prove your value as a freelancer.

Positive Thinking

Learn from every failure you go through when trying to acquire a job. Any career will have its fair share of rejections including freelancing. You might feel tired from the myriad of pitches and proposals you will be submitting to various clients that will end up in dismay, but it is always important to keep positive and learn from your mistakes. Clients respect a person who grows from their disappointments and has a constant positive outlook on life, career and projects.

Trustworthy Attitude

Make sure to always let your clients feel your positivity towards a project and trust you completely with any obstacles that might arise. Use the afore mentioned problem solving attitude in everything you come across. Even when it feels like an issue cannot be solved, reassure your clients that you are trying your very best and apologize when things aren’t working out. Provide them with new different ways to tackle unresolvable issues to help cater to all their needs as well as prove your reliability and ability to positively conquer any issues that might arise in copywriting, designing or developing.

Working on growing your skillset is valuable for any online freelancer but is nothing without the right attitude. Never forget to focus on your approach towards your clients and your services to ensure a stable and recurrent relationship with your best employers.